Sunday, 4 January 2015

Jump & Grab

My finished Action Analysis Assignment for my Animation class.
We had all year to work on this. Design a character, pick an action, include some kind of dialogue, and a few storyboard panels to complete the scene.
Pretty happy with how it came out. I learned a lot from working on this, and hope to improve next time u_u
Voice Talent by my buddy Brent ‘Mal’ Johnston 


Secret Santa 2014

Secret Santa Gift for someone in my program, featuring Hiro and Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6, as requested (still have yet to see that film!).

We do an exchange every year, which I’ve hosted for the last two years now. Always fun to see who we end up getting and what we end up drawing 



2014 definitely was the year for improvement.

First and foremost, it was a year of experimenting. 

I really pushed myself when it came to drawing human characters. Getting into the show ‘Supernatural’ made me want to draw a lot of fanart and consider myself a ‘fanartist’ on tumblr. I was hooked on the story, and the characters in the show. I just couldn’t resist! And still can’t! 

If I wasn’t so obsessed with this show, enough to actually take the time to sketch out the characters CONSTANTLY, I think I’d still be really crappy when it comes to drawing humans xD

So I thank Supernatural for that x)

Secondly, school. 

This past year, school really made me try my hand at different techniques when it comes to drawing. I got more into drawing landscapes and characters with either full or partial backgrounds for the first half of 2014, that including things I don’t commonly draw, like cars, car interiors/etc. I never use to be good at incorporating characters with backgrounds. But I can easily say it comes at ease for me now (: 

I also experimented with different drawing styles for this last half of the year. Having to work on a group film this year, and spending a whole semester developing ideas through art, myself and other students were really pushed to study different styles that dedicate towards our film in the works. Not only that, but I was inspired by my fellow group members. Learning how they drew, taking in what they already knew and creating something with it.

It’s not so much seen in here, but if you take a look through my galleries (mainly tumblr), there are a few pieces here and there that isn’t what you’d normally see from me. 

With different internet memes, I also tried my hand at using different colour palettes. As you can see, its either warm or cool palettes for me. It’s what I love working with. These meme’s allowed me to use different colour schemes I would never even THINK of using before, and that was quite an eye opener (you could tell I was having too much fun with all those crazy colours during June xD)

As for my own default drawing style, generally, my characters faces had stayed the same throughout the year, which is fine, although I did really focus more so on expression in characters, as it’s my favorite thing about a drawing in general, and something I really want to ‘pop’ from my work.

Human faces did teeter back and fourth though (Just me trying to figure out how it all works, haha).

Anatomy improved, I’d say. Finally got around to learning how to incorporate my own style with basic anatomy. 

Anyway, lots of improvement, haha xD

My goal this year is to just keep on keeping on.

Keep working on everything I mentioned above, but of course, always allow room for more learning. I want to continue experimenting with styles, and hopefully, work on bigger pieces allowing me to play around with a story being told through the image (without it being a comic), rather than just still characters. 

Thank you all for supporting me this year, and continuing to do so <3

Thank you to those who have stuck around for so many years, and to those who have recently come across my work and have shown some kind of interest <3

Thank you all so much.

Here’s hoping to an amazing 2015 <3

You could never live out in the open
Regretting every word you’ve spoken
When you break it’s too late for you to fall apart
And the blame that you claim is all your own fault- 'When You Break' by Bears Den

Sad Supernatural fanart, based on the last episode before the break. :c 

More Flight Rising


In life drawing, we spent the last two classes of the semester sculpting a head based off the model! Of course, complete freedom to take our own approach with it,
I honestly had no idea where I was going with it, but in the end, it kinda gave off a stop motion puppet look. With the hand carved technique I used and all. I'm pretty happy with this, actually (:

Creature Creation

Creature Creation assignment for life drawing, based off a pose drawn in class.
Tried a different approach with this one, inspired by an artist I follow online; definitely had a lot of fun!


Bluestar from the 'Warriors' series.
Obsessed with those books growing up. Still have two shelves full of them, haha!!
Anyway, she was my favorite <3

Cat Ladies

Kinda want to use these gals in a future project...hmm

Royal Winter Fair 2014

Here's a collection of drawings I did at the RWF this year in Toronto!
Thankfully, we had some freedom this time, and actually got to incorporate our style into our work....

Honestly had such a good time spending the whole day drawing the animals cuter than they already were <3